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COMBAT ICONS: War Movie Icons & Graphics

{ we few, we happy few }

++ COMBAT ICONS: Icons of Bravery & Brotherhood ++
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we few, we happy few


This community dedicated to bringing you icons and fan-made schnazzy graphics from your favorite wartime movies! From 300 to The Thin Red Line, if there's a combat movie to be iconized, this is the place to find it!

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+ any more than THREE ICONS must go behind a cut.
+ graphics larger than 400x400 must go behind a cut.
+ flame wars & insults will result in banning.
+ basically that's it. be tolerant and no fighting.

This community is slash-friendly. We're all logical fans who are able to separate characters in a movie from the soldiers they're portraying. We gleefully welcome whatever cracky slash icons you want to post. If you're not okay with that, this is not the community for you.

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